Q. Can I call or text you to schedule an appointment?
A. No, I communicate by email only. I do not call or text. The only time I ever use phone will be on the day of our appointment, 10 -15 minutes prior to our scheduled time to confirm Room # etc.

Q. What type of payment do you except?
A. Cash only, or Amazon Gift eCards if required as a deposit​

Q. What do you dislike on a date?
A. Smoking! Bad hygiene! Rudeness! Drinking/Drugs! Rough play/Pain! My shower & toiletries are always available and I will also have extra towels with me so we don’t bother housekeeping. Rudeness or drunkenness will terminate out date immediately!​

Q. Do you offer references?
A. I offer up to 3 references to all mature, clean and respectful gentleman that I have seen within a year of your request. If it has been over a year or so, I would have to see you again to offer additional references.

Q. Where are you located?
A. I can be available in the PHLAirport area, Lower Bucks/Delco/Chester/Montgomery Co’s, Cherry Hill/Mt.Laurel areas, as well as Princeton & Edison NJ. Also Quakertown & Allentown​

Q. Will you come to my place?
A. Yes, when my schedule allows, but by appointment only, with at least 48hrs notice.

Q. How long does the screening process take?
A. It mostly depends on how quickly you get the required information to me, and your reference returns my email. Sometimes an hour or 2, but usually 24-48 hours. The more complete your information is the quicker I can verify you. Plan ahead!

Q. Do you counsel couples or women?
A. I have recently been introduced to doubles sessions and enjoy them.

Q. Do you have an age requirement?
A. I prefer mature men over 35, however age is not the only measure of maturity. I will sometimes accept gentlemen as young as 30 if they are mature enough and reply with complete emails. I’m sorry, but those younger than 30-35 are the age group most likely  cancel, or waste my time. This group may be required to prepay a deposit. I have little tolerance for cancellations.​

Q. Can I be pre-screened to save time for last minute booking?
A. Absolutely! Please do! That is the only way I could ever be available for same day appointments on the days I host.​ Does not apply to appointments to your place.

Q. What is your typical schedule?
A. Normally Monday-Wed until 7pm at my place. See availability on My Calendar
  Visits to your place require at least 48 hours to plan

Q. Will you send face photos to me?
A. Absolutely not. I respect your privacy, please respect mine. You will not be disappointed. Check my reviews​

Q. Do you provide Long Term Relationships
A. I hope to provide many long term relationships :-)​

Q. Can I make outfit requests?
A. Absolutely! You can ask ahead of time, or you can bring something you would like me to wear. I have many to choose from.

Q. I am nervous about provide screening information. What should I do?
A. I would be more nervous without it. My safety is # 1. You can be assured I have no other use for your information other than my own safety. If I am not comfortable with what you offer, I will not see you.

Q. I am a newbie with no references. What should I do?
A. I rarely see newbies anymore. It seems many who claim to be newbies are in fact individuals with bad histories, or time wasters. I can work with you, but requiring employment & personal information can be invasive and time consuming. I may also ask you to confirm your first appointment with an Amazon Gift Card.

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